This page features images of original paintings that are available for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these artworks, please use the contact form below to submit an inquiry.

Please include the title of the piece and your shipping address or zip code.

*Prices listed do not include packing and shipping costs. A shipping quote can be provided to your zip code upon request.

SIZE: 36x48"

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas
PRICE: $1650

I suppose we are all

Splendid and precious celebrations.

So let us move side by side

And on and on.

SIZE: 30x40"

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

PRICE: $1450

In my solitude

I befriended

my own ghosts.

SIZE: 40x30"

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

PRICE: $1450

And even the most

hurried among us

became still.

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