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Every Tuesday morning.

Run begins at 7 a.m. sharp

Pioneer Park - meet at the picnic shelter

1525 NW Wall St., 

Bend, Oregon 97703

A running group for creatives. 

Open to all!

Join us every week or just drop in when you feel like it. 

We are here to encourage and support creatives of all types and runners at all levels!








1.To connect and lift up creative people in our community.

2. To provide a healthy forum to share information, business tips, experiences, tools, and resources.

3. To meet new friends, collaboration partners, and generate ideas with group input.


4. To learn from each other about creative hobbies and careers across a variety of creative industries.

5. To use movement, connection with nature, and organic discussion to inspire creativity.

6. To start the day off right with exercise and camaraderie. 

7. Studies suggest that there are links between physical activity, imagination, and originality!


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  • Can I still come if I don't think of myself as a runner/ I'm not fast/ I'm nervous about the running part?

YES! This is going to SO SO SO chill. The focus of this is much more on getting to know your fellow creatives. If you are attending this group to do a speed workout or train for an ultra, you might be in the wrong place. 

  • Can I walk/ hike

Yes, a thousand times, yes. 

  • Seriously, I'm scared of the running part. Should I still come?

Please do! We want to meet you. 

  • Can I still come if I don't think of myself as an artist but I've always been interested in learning a new creative hobby or want to have more creativity in my current career or daily life?

Yes! This is the place for you!

  • What's the bathroom and parking situation?

Pioneer Park has ample parking (especially at 7 a.m.) and bathrooms in case you have to go before we go. There is also an outhouse about a 1/2 mile into the route.


  • What is the route?

We will be dropping down from Pioneer Park onto the footpath along the Deschutes River and head toward First Street Rapids Park, crossing the footbridge. We will follow the Deschutes River Trail. This is an out-and-back so you can make it as long as you'd like. You hit a gate at the end of the trail about 4 miles in. There is a bit of pavement, but most of the run is on a wide, very maintained dirt trail.

  • Can I bring my dog?

You can bring your dog to the group as long as 1) it remains on a leash at all times 2) it gets along well with other dogs 3) you can maintain control of your dog so that it won't trip up other runners 4) you bring bags for clean-up. 

  • After the run, where can I go with my new buddies to get some coffee and talk art?

Lone Pine Coffee will be open and is about 1/2 a half mile from the Pioneer Park Parking lot. 

(910 NW Harriman)

  • What is the cost to participate?

It's free, my dudes!

  • Do I have to RSVP or commit in advance?

Nope! We want this to be a no-stress thing. Just show up if you can and we'll be happy to see you.

  • This is great! How can I share this with everyone I know?

We'd love it if you could tell your friends and get others involved. If you come to an event and post about Creativity Shakeout -- please use the hashtag #creativityshakeout and tag @creativityshakeout and/or @meganmariemyersart. 

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